Some things can never go unnoticed- the backlash that most activists receive. From people who believe the things being fought for don’t deserve the attention they get, some who think the activists are doing it for their selfish reasons, and those who are ignorant but still have to talk to disagree. There could be tinges of truth from the people disagreeing with the work, but how can we prove that unless there are reasonable explanations to base their arguments? Environmentalists and climate change activists have also not been spared; like the rest, they receive their shares of doubts and disagreements from people. Why, though, do they still fight for the environment?

The reason that is consistently given by people opposing climate change activists’ work, makes a lot of sense. Ideally, the climate was bound to change, so there is no need, basing arguments on the evolvement of climate in different eras, to fight it. Ignored is the rate at which it happened compared to the current situation. It is approximated that by the end of this year, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will increase by 50% from the period of the industrial revolution. What would this mean if not that the extreme increase can only be attributed to the levels of emissions from industries and current inventions? This is not bashing industrialization; honestly, for as much as it is an evil and menace to the environment, it is indispensable.

Climate change activists do not, in any way, dispute new inventions, all they do ask for is that pollutants control measures are put into place to reduce the levels of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Additionally, relating climate change, an inevitable, to another inevitable, death, it is evident that human beings, even with their understanding of death, would never put themselves in positions that would lead to them dying. So, this begs the question, why would people not choose to treat climate change as they do death? Why do people desire healthy living as a way to lengthen their life span but be okay with polluting the environment, speeding the rate at which climate change is taking place? Until we give climate change the fear we do death, no positive change will ever take place. So, as an environmentalist, and a climate change activist, the next time your dedication to the environment is questioned, ask them why they eat healthily, why even though some have had suicidal thoughts, they keep burying them. Yet, we all know that we will have to die.




meteorology, climate change, renewable energy and atmospheric pollution? right place!!

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Dina Awuor

Dina Awuor

meteorology, climate change, renewable energy and atmospheric pollution? right place!!

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